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Type C
Double E

Type C

Double E’s Type C Oil Saver is made from heat-treated alloy steel. Our most popular Oil Saver weighs 20 pounds and is 13-1/2 inches high. Its minimum bore is 1-5/8 inches. It is available in thread sizes of 2-3/8″ and 2-7/8 inch EU. The lightweight design also allows for easy handling.

Double E stocks the following Type C Oil Savers:

2-7/8 Inch EU, 5/16 Inch Wireline Model

As Double E’s most popular Oil Saver, the 2-7/8 inch EU, 5/16 inch wireline model sets the standard. Each Oil Saver is precision machined and includes a plunger, upper and lower bushing, spring, cap, rubber, and base.

2-7/8 Inch EU, 7/32 Inch Wireline Model

This widely used model includes all the components of the 2-7/8 inch version, but contains a rubber for a 7/32 inch size wireline.

3D Oil Saver C

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