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Oil Saver
Double E

Oil Saver

Double E developed the hydraulic action Oil Saver. Today, Double E continues to lead the wireline industry with four models. Each of those models offers superior line wiping efficiency, safe and secure pressure control, and the assurance of a long, trouble free life. If we don’t have an Oil Saver model for your application, we can develop one for you.

Oil Saver Type
Description C CL 410 MT
Test Pressure (psi) 10,000 10,000 10,000 5,000
Working Pressure (psi) 5,000 5,000 5,000 2,500
Weight (lbs.) 20 29 42 47
Height (in.) 13-1/2 15-1/2 15-1/2 15-1/2
Elastomer 45-Duro Natsyn 45-Duro Natsyn 45-Duro Natsyn 45-Duro Natsyn
Bushing Material Brass Brass Brass Brass
Minimum Bore (in.) 1-5/8 1-13/16 1-13/16 2
Standard Thread Sizes (in.)
2-3/8 EU 2-7/8 EU 2-3/8 EU 2-7/8 EU
2-7/8 EU 3-1/2 (OD) LP 2-7/8 EU 2-7/8 (OD) LP
3-1/2 (OD) LP 3-1/2 (OD) LP

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