Securing wells
for more than
80 years.

Production Tools

Double E is a leading manufacturer of production equipment for pumping wells. We know that time is critical in the oilfield industry. That’s why we carry a large inventory of Blow Out Preventers, Cap Kings, Oil Savers, Rod Guides, Stuffing Boxes, and Sucker Rod Strippers.

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Custom Molded Rubber

With over 350 compounds in 11 different elastomers, Double E can meet your custom molded rubber needs. Our in-house mold making capability allows us to control the entire manufacturing process. As a result, we offer superior quality and short lead times. 

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Custom Machined Metal

For over 80 years, Double E has been a leader in custom machining services. We offer turnkey metal machining for both simple and complex parts. We work with a wide variety of metals including, aluminum, brass, ductile iron, and steel.

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